Who we are

StrataMetric is provided in-kind by the Strata Social Impact initative.

What we’re on about

We aim to make social impact measurement ubiquitous. Current social impact measurement tools are often inaccessible to smaller organisations because they are:

  • Domain dependent

  • Require specialised knowledge

  • Automation deficient (time/cost)

StrataMetric attempts to solve these problems.

Social impact measurement is complex and it will take time to develop a highly accurate tool but we can start working towards this goal by iterating upon a limited tool. We communicate our understanding of the limitations of this tool as clearly as possible.

Overall architectural limitations/scope that are not being addressed:

  • StrataMetric is only designed to provide an indication of direct impact of projects

  • Assumes the projects are of charities or not for profits seeking charitable funding

  • Does not measure the impact of organisations such as charities, businesses or other

  • Does not assess second and third order impacts to organisations or society (ignores otherwise important impacts such as accumulated research, employment, generating revenue and paying other people in society with that revenue etc.)

Strata Social Impact is not currently associated with any entity, and has been released for the purposes of sharing the concept with the philanthropic community.